Another Poem

I found this on another blog about foster care. For some reason it calms my spirit about the fear and sadness that will come with our journey.

Two Mothers
Her empty arms,
Fill mine.
Her sadness and grief,
Allow for my unspoken joy.
Her poor choice,
Gives a chance for my love to overflow.

In an instant, it can all reverse,
Like an hourglass turned upside-down.

My arms empty,
Her arms filled.
My grief surfaces,
Her redemption complete.
My choice to love,
Has given her a chance to heal.

In an instant, the tide can turn,
But the choice is made... I will love.

-Author Unknown


mom said...

wow honey...this poem is amazing! So very beautiful...if I were writing this note to you on paper it would be stained with my tears. I really hope you will seriously consider writing all this into an actual book, because you are an inspiration! I just love you so much and am behind you all the way! mom