307 Day Review

Well, hi there.

It's been awhile.  Like 307 days kind of awhile.

I was thisclose to shutting this space down.  I felt like it was just time to totally let it go.  Print it out and hold all these memories in my hands.

But when I started going through the last 9 years of posts, trying to whittle it down to a manageable amount, I just missed it.  I miss talking to you.  Which is really just me talking to me, but written out so I can read it later and remember what it was I was feeling.

And man, so much fun stuff happened in the past year and there are no posts about it!  

Can I just post it all now, a whole 307 days in this one post?

No.  Don't worry, I wouldn't do that to you.

And I don't know.

Maybe I'll get back to writing.  I mean, who am I to keep all these riveting thoughts to myself?  Or maybe I'll just pop in and store pictures here for the kids to one day look back on and see how cool their Mom was (I'm looking at you Josie).

I've never, ever been good at reconnecting after a break from talking to someone.  I just don't do well with small talk.  So here's what happened in the last year and we'll just move right along from there.  Sound good?

We've had an awesome year.

After 2014 brought us every tragedy and heartbreak we could handle, 2015 gave us restoration.  It was like one long, really deep breathe.  I took the year and lived it, every second of it.  Even the pre-teen hormone filled ones that I wasn't sure both my daughter and I could survive.

It felt good.  To just be.  To find me again and shed off the labels I'd attached to who I thought I was supposed to be.

We went on trips and hosted visitors and my kids are real life people now.  My company has also grown into a real thing that I am beyond proud of.  Andrew has mastered the Desert Waffle Business and we survived another Summer.  Gabe finished Kindergarten and Josie made it through 3rd grade.  Andrew and I went to Vegas then we celebrated 14 years of marriage.  Man, we are old!  Josie played volleyball, Gabe played baseball.  We've made friends and are feeling very much at home here now.