Fall Break 2015

As Public School Newbies, I had high hopes for Summer Vacation.

What I failed to account for was just how hot a Desert Summer can be.  We made a valiant attempt to go and do, but ended up hibernating most of the Summer.

But I knew Fall Break was coming.  And while our Fall doesn't look quite like the rest of the country's, it does bring the weather we moved here for.  Sunshine and 80s with no humidity and light breezes.  It lived up to all of my expectations.

Andrew's parents came for a visit and we went on a couple fun day trips.  There was t ball games and sleepovers and we stayed outside 99% of the time.

a chilly 70 degrees had him running for cover

We are anxiously awaiting his very loose bottom teeth to fall out. 
In the meantime, Josie lost 2 molars that we didn't even know were loose.

Yesterday, we resumed our usual schedules but with filled up hearts and renewed love for this city.

And I went to Target.  Alone.

It was glorious.

Turns out I love Fall Break.  And I also love sending them back to school!