Preschool Water Cycle

How about a little Sunday Science to get this week started?!?

Last week we learned all about rain.  

We did this fun little experiment during Little School that explained the Water Cycle and the kids loved it.

Supplies are easy: Cotton balls, shallow dish, 1/2 inch cold water, and a Water Cycle Chart.

I made our chart. 

I just Googled Preschool Water Cycle and then colored and cut out the peices.  

I cut out a little raindrop ("Drippy") to show how the water travels.

Oh, a sassy four year old helps too.

She was totally mocking a face I had just made.  

Although, I'm sure I looked much more sophisticated.

Start by having them feel the cotton ball.  

Ask them if it's heavy or light, warm or cold.

Then have them gently hold the cotton ball over the water so it's just a little bit under.

Explain how the sun warms up the water and causes it to get sucked up (my preschool rendition of evaporation!) and the clouds job is to collect the water.

We didn't use food coloring for Little School, but it made it so much clearer that the cloud was collecting the water.

When the cotton ball is all filled up, ask them again if it is heavy or light, warm or cold.

Then have them lift the full cotton ball up and the water should start to drip out (RAIN!).

We've done this everyday this week.  Josie loves it and is very proud to know the water cycle!


Donovan Doins said...

Great Science project, we will have to try this one.

danielle said...

Popped over from Adventures Linky-doo and glad I did. Loooooove it! Super cute kids and project!


Phyllis said...

I like this. It is sweet and a great teaching tool.

Ticia said...

What a great idea! I had a song about the water cycle I used to sing, but this would be more popular with my boys because it's hands on.