Our Family Tree

In our B4FIAR book, We're Going On A Bear Hunt, a family is going out in search of a bear.  The family is made up of a Dad and his 3 children. 

When I was trying to think up the activities I wanted to do, I decided that one day we would talk about families and the different people that make up a family.

To teach Josie about all the people that make up her family, we made a family tree.

I've started only buying paint in the predominant primary colors to teach Josie about mixing to make the rest of the primary colors, so we started by mixing our blue and yellow to make green!

She squeals everytime we do that!

Then I did a rough outline of the trunk and let her fill it in.

(Please don't judge my baby boy in the pink exersaucer!  He's the first boy in a long line of girls!)

Then we added handprint leaves.

And attached a leaf with all our family members names written on them.

I love the way it turned out!  This one is for sure getting a frame and some prime wall space in the house!


April said...

What a cute family tree, plus color mixing is always fun. I'm posting a color mixing activity sometime later today. My son has used quite a few handmedowns from his sister, but actually we mostly had gender neutral stuff. I didn't plan it that way, that's just how it was. Coming thru from ABC and 123.

Heather J. said...

I love that idea! I think I'll have to do that sometime.

Anonymous said...

EEEKK!! I'm stealing this idea! LOVE it!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

I love this idea! Our kids are adopted to, so this would be perfect.

J said...

Saw you on ABC 123. Love this idea so did it this morning with my 3 year old boy and he LOVED it. Thanks for the great idea.