I'm A Mommy!

It's official! 
She's a Pope!
Josie could hardly contain all her excitement on the way to the courthouse.
The morning went by SO fast! Here's some pictures of us waiting for the judge.

We packed the Judge's Chambers out! But what can I say, everyone loves Josie!
I was expecting a big emotional experience, but it seriously only took about 10 seconds. The lawyer was going to show evidence, but the judge said he didn't need to see it so all he had to do was sign the papers. Andrew was trying to set up the video camera so we could tape the whole thing, but the judge was done by the time we got the tripod out of the bag!
Tiff got the shot of the day when she captured him signing the papers!
After that we got a few pictures with the judge, who Josie was not a fan of. She refused to let him hold her and then she proceeded to slap him.
I'm pretty sure she could have gone to jail for that.

Finally! It only lasted a couple seconds though!

Then we all filed out to get the official adoption papers. We were instructed to guard these with our lives since they are our proof that she is our child until we get the new birth certificate.

We had our own "Waiting Room" outside of the clerk's office.
It really did look like in the movies when someone is having a baby and everyone waits outside the double doors for the Dad to come out and yell, "It's a girl!!"
Only our new baby is a 21 pound beauty!

A few more family pictures before we left the court house.

Then it was back to the house for brunch and some playtime. 

We were exhausted by the time everyone left around 12:30.
Andrew and I kept saying, "Can you believe she's ours?" and "We adopted a baby today!"
We are in awe of this whole process and feel SO blessed to be able to raise this little girl.


Kayla said...

Yayyyyy Josie!!

How exciting is thisss? I'm excited for the rest of her life to be AMAZING thanks to you and Andrew being her mom and dad.

Missy said...

Found you through Kelly's Korner - you have a great blog and beautiful family!!

Joan said...

I found your blog because my own grand child is named Josie Kathryn, born 7/3/08.
Your daughter is adorable and you are all blessed to have one another.

Little for a Little While said...

What an awesome day! Don't mean to be nosy, but can't help but wonder...who named your baby girl?