A New Chapter

I started another book club and I'm super excited about it.

I've made some awesome friends and 90% of them live in my neighborhood.  We get together all the time for play dates and happy hours and it's great.  But there are usually 800 children around and sometimes it's hard to feel like we are getting any real conversation in.  And I missed book club.

So I merged the two issues and proposed that we start a book club.

I was kind of convinced that everyone would laugh at me, but they were all in.  We had our first meeting this week and it lived up to all my expectations.

I'm beyond happy about this people.

We read Girl On The Train.  I served up Gin & Tonics (main character has a bit of a problem with them) and set up Gabe's train set (thanks for the idea Mama!).  Everyone liked the book, nobody loved it.  My favorite part of the night was listening to everyone try to tell the two that hadn't read it what it was about.  It was hilarious.

my little helper who hasn't touched this train set in a year but suddenly was very concerned about sharing it with his mother who shares her oreos with him every time.