Sweet Summer

Ok, Ok.


I give up.

I'll quit claiming I'm going to blog more and just acknowledge that, in this particular time in my life, blogging on the regular just ain't my thing.

Life is good.

It feels active and balanced.  Both things I totally dig.

Our days are a steady mix of work and preschool and gymnastics and swim lessons.  Toss Andrew's much more relaxed off season schedule and a plethora of hours in the pool and you have a pretty good picture of what we've been up to.  It's the stuff Summer is made of and we are all enjoying the heck out of it.

However, I can't give up this space.  After all, I need a place to keep our memories.  And obviously you need to see my babies turning into real live humans right before our very eyes.

Shall we?

T-Ball ended.

My tiny slugger impressed us at every game.  Boyfriend has skills.  And that picture?  Heaven have mercy.

2nd Grade ended.

I went to her last day of school party and had so much fun.  However, I'm glad I didn't follow my initial life goal of being a teacher.  These kids were pumped.  And loud.  And goofy as all get out.  I would have lost my sanity.  God Bless the teachers.

We had a Grandparent Invasion.

Both kids were adequately spoiled and, a week after Andrew's parents left, I'm still undoing the rotteness.  They don't seem to get why I won't play Candyland 700 times in a row when Nana and Mae Mae did.

This one just because they sat in the same chair and did not (push, pinch, eyeroll, complain) about it.

Since T-Ball is over, Gabe picked up a new, less outdoorsy hobby.

Puzzles.  All day, everyday.  And for a kid that has very little ability to sit still, he can concentrate on one of these bad boys for a good hour.  That's gold around here.

He's also obsessed with school.

Or more like obsessed with his pretty teacher at school.  He has to do self prescribed "homework" on the days he doesn't go.  So glad we left the Screaming At The Door phase behind us.  

Josie is enjoying Summer Break.

She spends her days riding bikes with friends or playing with her entourage shown above.

She also started gymnastics.

She started with the goal of figuring out her cartwheel (which I still cannot do and am just a little (a lot) sad about), but was bitten by the bug pretty quick.  I see lots of gym time in our future.  

please note: neither of my children are in this picture but I wasn't willing to 
give up my spot in the shade to get them in a shot.

Both kids are taking swim lessons.  

Gabe because he is fearless even though he sinks like a rock.  One week in and he has it down.  Today he wore me and my mom out by jumping in and swimming side to side on repeat for hours.  I can't wait to be confident in his skills so I can resume my position on my float.

Josie swims like a fish and has for years, but she wants to join the swim team so she needs to learn the proper way to do each stroke.  She's picking it up super fast so we are hoping to get her on a team ASAP.  

Now we are caught up again.

Happy Summer, Y'all!


Michele said...

Love being caught up on your sweet family! So glad you all have settled in to a good life there. Transitions are hard, but it looks like you have arrived. Have a blessed summer.

kimmer said...

I really LOVE your blog...so please don't ever stop posting your great photos and comments!!!
Love, Your Mother.

Anonymous said...

Love❤️ Glad everyone is doing so wel!!!
Amy K.

Erin said...

Such a fun summer so far! Josie reminds me a lot of my daughter. She too has just been bitten by the gymnastics bug!