Time Marches On

The last time we saw Andrew's little brother (dubbed: Uncle Baby Shiggins) was back in 2011.

It's strange how people who were such fixed parts of your life can get grown up jobs and move away and, before you know it, years have passed and they have babies and you have to do some serious memory recall to remember when you last had a conversation with them.

Time stops for no one.  Just keeps marching along.

Tyler was a skinny 10 year old when Andrew and I started dating.  He was quiet and goofy and bore a striking resemblance to Harry Potter.  Like, for real.  Andrew and I were 18 so there was a big age gap that didn't have us crossing paths too much with Tyler.  But once a week we would get together for a family meal and little Shiggins would be right there at the table being adorable.

A couple of months ago, Andrew's Mom began orchestrating a week of her boys and their families being together.  And this past week, all that Georgia Grown Goodness descended on the desert.  Lucky for them, Summer arrived right on their heels and brought with it our first 100+ degree days.

Welcome to the desert folks.

The week didn't go exactly as planned.

Three of us were hit with a stomach bug on three consecutive days rendering us totally incapable of any fun.

But we did get a lot of memory making in and, bonus, found a local aquatic center that I can't stop thinking about.  It was a good week, toilet hugging not included.