We've Been Reading

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself with both kids at school and all my work caught up.

My Mom was out of town and Andrew couldn't get out of work and, for the first time in literal years, I didn't know what to do with myself.  I hit my usual go tos and then happened past the library and decided to pull in.

Now here's an embarrassing confession: I haven't read a book in almost a year.

I know.

I love reading.  But when Andrew left for Arizona last year and we went into high gear with packing and house selling and moving across the country-ing, I just got out of the habit of reading.  I've tried to read a few things since then without any success.  When I was flying up to Minnesota a few times back in November I started Outlander and loved it.  But if I wasn't on a plane, I didn't feel like reading so I didn't.

I chalk it up to too much Life happening.  Not enough accountability without (sniff) my beloved book clubbies back in Georgia.  Too many feelings of my own to take on any character's emotions.

Being in the library without any little hands pulling me anywhere was awesome.  

I took my time, walked up and down isles.  After about 15 minutes I started to feel that old urge to pick something good and got serious with the library catalog.  Then I plopped down in a chair and read until I had to pull myself up to go get the kids from school.

Since then we've all been reading more.

Gabe's current pick: Treasure Island.  Which I've never read before.  Good bedtime stuff, y'all.

obvious disclaimer: gabe can't read
his school is good, but not that good.  although he did memorize the
pledge of allegiance in like 2 days so i'm hopeful his reading journey will
be easier than josie's has been.

The books that I picked were great.

How Do You Tuck In A Superhero? was fabulous.  I thought it was going to give me tips on raising this wild man child living in my house and eating all my food, but it was more of a memoir of a mom raising 5 boys.  It's short chapters with funny stories or lessons she's learned and had me laughing a ton.  Also made me miss Kelsey something fierce.

First The Broccoli Then The Ice Cream was another good one.  It's a parenting book, but not stuffy.  I loved his practical advice.  Gabe's been a bit difficult lately and we implemented a few things from the book and instantly saw an improvement.  I don't usually like an entire parenting book, but this one I did.

The last one I had to read slow since, God help me, raising girls is hard.

Raising Girls was one that jumped off the shelf at me.  Josie is at this pre-pre teen age that I didn't expect to be different than little girl age.  She is such a joy to be with.  Honestly, I'm surprised by how much I enjoy her company.  Normally elementary aged kids drive me nuts.  But her emotions are big and her thoughts are complex.  I feel totally unprepared for this phase of life and want all the help I can get.

This book was full of good advice.  I feel a little better about how to handle things, but mostly glad to know what she's going through is totally normal.

guess how many times i tried to flip this the right way?

Speaking of Josie, she's been reading too.

I've been super open about how much of a struggle it's been to get Josie reading.

I hate saying she was behind, because that is just silly.  She's 8 and improving every day which is totally acceptable in my book.  My concern was more with her dislike of reading more than her skill level.  I knew that her feelings towards reading were mostly due to the stress I caused when she was just starting out.  So we are working hard to get her to enjoy it.

We check out at least 20 books a week and if she isn't in to one we start, we don't keep going.

Her reading level has jumped significantly since January and she is now reading on a second grade level where she was barely at first grade level before.  The other day on the way home from the library, my child that "can't read" read a nonfiction book about turtles, cover to cover, with total accuracy and speed that I had never heard.  She's obsessed with getting a turtle and so she loves reading about them.

I'm glad to see us all with books in our hands more.

Are you reading anything good?  I need to be ready with my next pick before I finish my current one!


Jess said...

Josie's face in that last pic is hilarious! I have never really liked to read, but have found a couple of books that I couldn't put down. The Art of Racing in The Rain is one that immediately comes to mind.

kimmer said...

OK...read "An Empty Cup" and we'll have our very own little mini-bookclub! Just you and me! It'll be fun!