A couple of weeks ago, I had my first friend from Atlanta visit.

Not just any friend, but Kelsey.

Out of all the awesome friends I had back in Atlanta, I've only kept in close contact with a couple.  And this girl?  Well, she saw me through some pretty dark moments over this past year and I'm keeping her forever.

This trip was long in the making.  We pretty much started planning it before I left in August.  Which is how you have to plan when one of you has 5 kids.  The timing of her visit couldn't have been more perfect.  For either of us.  It was awesome to have a familiar face, sitting on my couch, getting all the Jeopardy question wrong with me.

We had an awesome week*.

My only gripe from her trip is that I didn't take more pictures (problem with not blogging anymore, I never have my camera on me now).

Sorry I didn't cook for you at all Kelsey.

 *planned trip was 4 days, but Buddy Passes granted us a few extra days.

andrew was totally smitten with khloe.
he gave me googley eyes many times to which i smiled and said, "not a chance, buddy."