A few weeks ago we went to the zoo.

I love the Phoenix Zoo so much.  It's big, but not too big and if you go in the morning the animals are all out and all frisky.  However, the zoo is also a bit pricey.  I was toying with buying a membership before we enrolled Josie in school.  Now I just don't know if we'd get there enough to make it a smart purchase. 

Anyway, for this trip we were invited by Animal Jam to come hear about the new version of their online game.  They had me at "complimentary breakfast," but also had a great animal program and four free admissions to the zoo for the whole day.

We kidnapped my Mom and spent the morning getting up close and personal with the animals.  Gabe is super into birds right now so he flipped when the zookeeper brought out a hawk (I think, don't fact check that).

I also lost Gabe for the first time on this trip.  It's a miracle it hadn't ever happened before because the kid is slightly independant, but he decided it was time to go see more animals without telling us.  We had a slightly panicked five minutes that felt like an eternity before we found him checking out the elephants. 

Maybe a baby leash wouldn't be as awful as I thought.

that line was no match for a bird lover like gabe.


Gidgets Bookshelf said...

What a fun trip, be careful if you let your kids on animal jam there is a lot of mean kids on there. I personally wouldn't recommend it to anyone.