Working It

It's been a month since I decided I wanted to start a business.

My original plan was to hopefully, maybe, pick up 10-15 hours a week doing virtual assistant work from home.  Nothing too crazy, just something where I could use my skills and bring in some extra money.  I wanted to ease into it, see if working was really something I wanted to do.

It was kind of a pipe dream.

Andrew was sure it would work and that I'd be good at it.  I wasn't quite as confident.  I had a hard time believing companies would pay me to do something I like from the comfort of my home.  People look for jobs like that all the time and never find them.

I'm glad I didn't listen to my doubts.

By the end of the first week, I had four clients and was creeping up on 30 hours a week.

And I loved it.

Really, really loved it.

My clients are awesome.  I'm having fun, making my own schedule, and getting to work on a huge range of projects.  It's kind of dreamy.

My only problem was that Gabe was getting bored.  And I was feeling like I could get my work stuff done way faster if he was entertained.  Then I'd be done and could give the kids my full attention.  I didn't want to make a move until I was sure I wanted to keep working.

And after a month, I'm still loving it and wanting to take on one or two more clients, so we found a preschool right up the street and Gabe started today

It's busy and fun and I feel like I'm really good at what I'm doing.

It's a good feeling.

I struggle with the old, "but what will people think?" mindset to which Andrew is very, very quick to remind me that this is OUR life and we are happier than we've been in a long time so opinions shouldn't matter.  These changes are big, huge ones and were totally necessary.  Not everyone will understand the choices we are making and not everyone will agree with them.  People will make assumptions and act like they know us better than we do and all of that just can't matter.

It's OK that I liked the life I lived back in Georgia and that I like the life I'm living here.  Even if the two look nothing alike.

Kind of makes me wonder what life will look like in 2016.

But for now I'm going to enjoy work that doesn't feel like work and be happy.


Amy M. said...

Congratulations on your business! I'm so intrigued on how you are finding clients. I'm also a stay at home mom with a business background and would love to figure out how you are getting business.

kimmer said...

It's all going to work out beautifully! The kids are both loving school and all the new activities and are thriving! It's so great to see you all loving Arizona! Couldn't be more proud of my girl!

Sam Lehmann said...

Ok. So you have to tell me what business administration, support, and marketing is. I need to help our family with some cash from home, but all of the things I find are PIPE DREAMS. Or weird scams.

Unlike Andrew, Jack is MUCH more pessimistic about this. I am not sure whether he doubts that clients will come or whether he doubts my skills. Perhaps, in my secret white space, I doubt my skills.

SO PLEASE tell me more. Do I have the skills to do the same in VA virtually while my kids homeschool? They are independent now, minus a little hands-on time checking-in, getting hugs, or just scholarly support.

We have no health insurance, I had to go back to teaching in a classroom last year in a public school and was ... assaulted. I left and we are home healing. I will tell you more later, but I need to find a viable option that let's me soar professionally and creatively at home while I heal and find rest in that white space I am carving out to heal.

Ok. You have long since lost interest... I did love your date night marked on your calendar. Your kids, your honesty make me smile each time I receive your updates.

Don't apologize, friend. If you are honestly walking the path God has placed in front of you .... 30 hours and tons of clients after zero expectations and many self-doubts, then you are walking his path of Divine Providence. You are walking to his lighthouse (REND Collective - song - Google it).

Please email me and tell me what I need to do this: courses first, air Mac, equipment, contacts? HELP!

Blessings and hugs,
Samantha Lehmann (Sam)