Hospitals, blood sugar, and Gabe's big scare

We are in the hospital.


Yesterday was a perfect Scottsdale Day.

We went on a long walk and ended up at a parade with my family.  We ate bbq at the Legion and jumped on jumpys.  We hung out with all the neighbors until way past bedtime and went to bed smiling at what a great day it had been.

It had been a busy day, so I didn't even think twice when Gabe wasn't awake at 8.

At 9 I mentioned to Josie that we should check on him soon.

At 9:30 he cried out in a strange voice and when I walked into his room I knew something wasn't right.

He was curled up at the foot of his bed, eyes wide open but not focusing on anything.

Now Gabe's had minor night terrors since his surgery last March.  Nothing like some kids get, but a couple times a week, he will wake up screaming.  When we go in, he will be standing up in bed, same wide, unfocused eyes.  We can always calm him down quickly, take him potty, and get him back to sleep.  But he's never woken up in the morning like that.

I took him into my room and laid him in my bed, thinking he just needed a little time to wake up.

Right away his jaw locked up and he was swatting at things that weren't there.  He wouldn't talk to me and his eyes wouldn't focus. 

I got scared.

I called my Mom to come get Josie and headed to the hospital.

The ride there, he just kept seeming worse.  He drank 3 big bottles of water, but wouldn't perk up.  About 6 nurses, 2 doctors, and 30 pokes later, they finally got an IV in for blood work.  Right away they told us his Glucose level didn't even chart.  They had him drink some OJ and have a popsicle and retested, 27.  Still diabetic coma levels.

We got him some food and as he scarffed it down, he began to come out of it a little.

They pushed some major sugar water through his IV and right before our eyes, he started to focus.

Since then, he's gotten a little better every hour.

His hand eye cordination is still off and he's slow to respond to questions or visual stimuli.  He's a bit confused and forgetful and pretty dang jumpy at most noises.  I've been told all are normal for coming out of having blood sugars that low.  He's still not himself, but he's 100 times better than what I saw this morning.

All blood tests and cultures came back normal.  They aren't sure what caused the drop.  At one point they suggested that maybe he had gotten into someone's meds, but we don't know anyone diabetic that we were with yesterday.  They told us we may never know why.  They kept us here overnight to observe him and we will likely go home tomorrow with a glucose pen, barring anything happening tonight while he's sleeping.

They do not think this is cardiac related.  His function and rythmns have been stable the whole time.  We will still follow up with a cardiologist to be sure.

Right now I'm trying to get him to fall asleep.  Hospitals bring both of us a bit of anxiety and we miss our own beds.  I'm thankful every time I hear that little voice, even if it should have been asleep four hours ago.

He gave us a good scare today.  Hoping it never happens again.


Mary A. said...

That is so frightening! Wishing Gabe a quick recovery. Hope he feels better very soon.

erica[goodjobmomma] said...

oh my goodness, how scary!! so glad your son is okay!

Sweet Tea said...

God bless you, bloggy friend. How frightening! Praying this is a "fluke" and NEVER happens again.

Miamihoney said...

I am so glad he is on the road to recovery. You might not hear this often but you are a phenomenal mom. So tuned in to your children and their needs. Hope that this doesn't happen ever again and here's to some relaxing moments in the very near future.