What I Wore - 1/1

Living in the desert has brought on a whole new set of wardrobe issues.

Before we moved, I dropped bag after bag of clothes off at my friend Kelsey's house.  Moving was the perfect motivation to clean out my closet.  I knew I would be leaving behind not only my massive walk in closet, but also all winter-esk weather. 

Sweaters?  See ya.

Jackets?  Don't need ya.

We landed in Arizona at the start of August.  Also known as, Welcome To The Surface of The Sun.  The 110 degree temps reconfirmed my decision to purge my clothes.  For months it was too hot to wear much of anything.

But something strange happened in the middle of December.

It got cold.

Not freezing, I need a parka, cold.  But cold.  And I had pangs of regret at my lack of winter wear.  I layered as much as I could, embracing the "is she homeless or trendy?" look.  God bless the cardigans, scarfs, and boot socks that somehow made it through my cut down.

I'm happy to report the cold only lasted two weeks.

We are now sitting pretty in the low 70's and even hit 80 one day last week.  My closet is fully equipped for those temps.

And because a couple friends support my awkward Here's Me Wearing Clothes posts, here is me.  Wearing what I wore.

New Year's Eve
dress, cardigan, booties - target; leopard leggings - old navy; necklace - franchesca's

New Year's Day
 Recovery Gear - target (and I actually ran in them)
Date Night - leggings, cardigan, leopard flats - target; top - tj maxx; necklace - origami owl

A Waffle Wife can't resist a Waffle shirt!
Whole Shebang - target

cardigan - gap; dress & tights - target; boots - belk
* when did my baby girl become a woman child?

This is the day it decided to just not be cold anymore.  Had to ditch some layers by noon.
And was made fun of by my Arizona Native friends for it.
photo credit: Gabe

Both outfits, head to toe - target

Target in no way has compensated me for this post, I just have a serious problem.  Although, if you're interested in sponsoring me Target, I'd be willing to think about it.


Sweet Tea said...

Look at you!
I think perhaps you're getting your mojo back. You look great in your new cold weather clothes - Very stylish.

kimmer said...

And WHERE did you say you got the majority of your cute clothes....OH! Target. That's right...I'll quit asking now.

Marta said...

So many cute looks, Target had such great finds! I'm visiting from the WIW link-up:)