Some things I want to remember:

The way his feet dangle at the table.  Not even close to touching the floor.

How putting a band aid on teeny, tiny scrapes makes me a master physician.

The way the sun plays in her hair and how her voice goes up 5 octaves when she plays with her dolls.

Also, that she's still not too old to play with dolls.

His love for music.  How loud it is, but also how sweet it is.  Especially when each song ends with, "and I love my Mom!"

Her tiny pink speakers that are constantly playing Taylor Swift.  Her voice as she sings just like me, a little off key, most of the words wrong, but with passion and a little bit of hip shaking.


Heather aka Proud Mama said...

Definitely things to remember! Hope this year brings you some peace.

Tracy S said...

I need to put together a post just like this! So many little things to cherish. Love it.