Books For Emerging Readers

Now that Josie is in school, all my teacher energy is needing a place to be focused.

It's hard to transition from being the master and creator of your child's education to a less active role.  Poor Gabe is getting a whole lot more instruction, but Josie is still getting her fair share.  One area I am honing in on is reading.

Josie was a late starter when it comes to reading.

Man.  Do I ever hate saying that.  Because, hello, she's seven.  And reading earlier than that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be a genius.  I know that, really, I do.  However, it is so easy to fall into the comparison trap when your friends children are reading chapter books while your precious offspring is struggling through Henry and Mudge.

*side note, we love Henry and Mudge and that series is what helped Josie break into real reading.

Just this past Summer, Josie had some major reading breakthroughs.

It was like a light bulb switched on and the girl could read.  It was such an exciting time.  Since than, I've held fast to having her read for 20 minutes each day.  The book choice never mattered to me as long as she was reading.  Although I knew she had the tools she needed to read chapter books like so many of her peers, she was just more drawn to easy readers.  After the rough start she had, I really think those books gave her the confidence she needed to want to keep reading.

Just recently, Josie has started to show some interest in chapter books.

Trouble was, most chapter books are just too long and she is seriously intimidated by the length of each book.  I had the hardest time finding books that were in that were indeed chapter books, but still gentle enough to not break her new found love of reading.

So rather than have you need to do all the hunting that I did, I thought I would share a few of the books that have been hits around here.

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