Silver Linings

A lot of people I love are suffering.

The kind of suffering that I can't do a dang thing about and it's left me feeling mad at the unfairness of it all. And I know nobody said it would be fair or make sense or be an easy pill to swallow, but it seems like the Universe needs to spread the yuck out a bit more evenly.

Usually this is the place I do my best processing, but this kind of pain required me to have some electronic quiet.

The bad news is still there. It's not going anywhere, it is what it is. 

But in this same cruel, unfair world lives miracle upon miracle upon miracle and we get to live it.  So instead of looking at all of the sadness this past week brought, I'm going to focus on some of the good stuff that has come across my path alongside the yuck.

Like Gotcha Days!

Seven unbelievable years have gone by since our Journey To Josie started.  We almost missed this year's Gotcha Day (which totally mortifies me.  Gotcha Days are a big deal around here).  But Josie remembered and was totally OK with our last minute cupcakes for dinner and trip to the Disney Store to celebrate.

Good Golly.  I can't imagine my life without this fireball.

 We had our very first visitors last week too!

Andrew's parents came to spend a week with us.  I put them to work with some home projects that I knew we would never, ever get around to.  Mainly, room darkening curtains in Gabe's room to help with the ugly 6 AM wake up calls he'd been doling out.

We had such a fun week with them.  I'm super thankful that they can come visit a lot.

My Northern Family is slowly trickling South.

I can't wait to have them all here in a few weeks!  We tested out the new kitchen and it's going to be perfect for big family dinners.

I cut my hair.  

8 inches of it.

Then I went back and cut it a couple more inches.

I have a seriously addictive personality and not even my hair is safe from over doing it.  I really love it, but this is as short as I'm going.

I think.

Gabe and T Ball.

It's hard to be mad at the World when you have a tiny man child with half a heart out on the field, hitting the ball and running as fast as he can straight to 2nd base.  My heart wants to explode every time I see him out there.  Even if he does yell at kids for not being able to hit the ball to him in the outfield.

I'm working on lowering the trash talk.


I knew it.

There's still lots of silver linings in these clouds.

* as a side note, if you're the praying type, my extended family could use some extra comfort and love sent their way.  it's been a week of ugly medical news and we are all downcast, but striving to live this life with eyes wide open


Sweet Tea said...

I'm sorry for your heartaches. Life is especially difficult without your friends nearby, but blogging friends are available 24/7 - we're here for you, Sweetie!!