A Witch & A Pirate Walk Into A Bar

No, not really.

But there will be a witch and a pirate in this post.  The only drinking will be by the parents monitoring the excessive requests for "just one more piece of candy!!!"

This is our first Halloween living in a neighborhood and we are all pumped.  It's the perfect chance to meet our neighbors and to recreate some of the awesome Halloween memories of my childhood.  My Aunt and Uncle threw a huge Halloween party every year that I always looked forward to.  We don't have any friends yet, so no party, but there will be chili so it's a start.

One of my biggest epiphanies was that taking costume pictures on Halloween was not smart.

That doesn't speak much to the quality of my epiphanies.

Either way, a few years ago I started dressing them up in full costume a few days before Halloween to get all the cute pictures that I want without causing a delay to trick or treating.

Also of note, I've fallen pretty far from the homemade costumes of my first Halloweens.

Or maybe I've gone up since then.

Either way, I didn't make a stitch of their costumes.  In fact, Gabe's is just a shirt from Target and some cheap pants from Walmart.  I did cut off the bottom of the pants, so maybe I've still got a little bit of craftiness left in me.

On with the show:

I think Gabe's done.

Have a happy Halloween everyone!  See you back here for First Day!


kimmer said...

Cuteness overload!!! What great costumes! I'm remembering all the big fun we had at the Vasseur house every year! Stay safe on Halloween!

Tracy said...

Very cute!

Dawn Rebekah said...

How adorable.
Blessings, Dawn

~Michelle said...

You are a smart momma with beautiful kids!