I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow we get the keys to our house and I'm having a hard time waiting.  I can't remember ever being this excited.  

So basically, this week was full of me being totally preoccupied with thinking about life in the new house while trying to keep up with my full calendar.  We had three doctor appointments, the kids started AWANAS, I joined a women's group at church, Josie had school two days, we went to a skating party with her class, and Gabe started T Ball.  Plus we had our normal school work to plow through.

Next week gets to be all about setting up the house and I can't wait!  

Did you know tie dye shirts have to cure for 6-8 hours?  Guess how many times I told them, "not yet!" that day...


Finally hit up Home Depot's kid's workshop.  No fingers were injured and only one shirt was paint covered so I call that a success.

School, school, school.

Josie has fully entered the "My Parents Are So Embarrassing" stage of life.  One, I'm certain I wasn't embarrassed of my parents until at least age 10 (just kidding Mom and Dad, you never embarrassed me).  Two, Andrew and I discussed it and we are most definitely the cool parents so she obviously has no clue what she's talking about.  It was kind of nice to have our own little date this night though.

Tuesday Tradition.  They know his order by heart.

I was feeling awkward and nervous before my women's group.  I never know what I'll get walking into a big group of women that already know each other.  Lucky for me, these gals are some of the nicest I've met!  I'm so glad I went and know I'll make some great friends.

Whoever thought roller skating was a good idea is on my hit list.  Wheels, concrete, and excited kids are not a good combo.  Josie spent most the time talking to BOYS and these pictures of Gabe sum up my two hours.  

Josie, in her element.

Little kids need "coaching"?  She's all up on that.  Never mind that she's never actually played baseball.

For real though, T Ball is going to be the highlight of my Fall.  Gabe is the tiniest dude out there and kept looking at me and giggling behind his fat hands.  He just could not believe he was out there on the big field.  Ugh, this boy slays my heart!

That's a wrap!

Can't wait to share the new house with you next week!