WIW - Desert Living

Two observations since moving to Scottsdale, Arizona:

1) Dry heat or not, when it's 108 out, clothes aren't fun to wear.
2) The women here get dressed.  I felt super weird the one day I ran to Target in lounge clothes.

When in Rome...

tank - target, skirt - hollister

dress - franklin & rosemary boutique

  head to toe - target
vest from the kid's department

 dress - target


impromtu date night changes - accessorize!
necklaces - old navy, shoes from my Mom's closet, confused husband mine all mine

all target (i have an addiction)


Say What? said...

Why can't i find things that cute at Target. Of course, it's probably that they aren't that cute on ME. Good job!

Danielle Huddleston said...

1st, I am not stalking you! I look at all your posts on feedly from my tablet and than have to wait to comment from my computer(it's easier). Love the outfits! You make me think I should shop at target more :) I agree with you also, when it is 100+ clothes are not fun :)

Kelsey Nichols said...

I love, love, love that last top from Target! So cute! Missing you like crazy Lady!