Curriculum For Gabe

Gabe is officially starting school this year and we are super excited about it!

He's been joining Josie at the school table more and more in the past few months and dabbled in the world of more formal school with Mother Goose Time over the Summer.  And now it's his turn to get his own workboxes and really start learning.  He's pretty much a sponge and picks up on things very quickly, so I'm thinking he's beyond ready for it.

His main curriculum is Mother Goose Time.

Every month, we get a themed box full of activities, crafts, and lessons already planned out.  We will use these themes as the jumping off point for more crafts, books to read, and field trips.  It's a great list of themes so I know we will be busy!  Doing themes with Josie for preschool is what made me fall in love with homeschooling.  I'm so happy that we can do the same with Gabe without all the planning it took.

I have a list of goals I want him to achieve this year and my main objective is to practice those and to read, read, read!  Our new library is over the top and I'm planning to use it a ton. 

Right now, my plan is to do school with him while Josie is at Enrichment School and scattered through the rest of the week. I'm holding firm to my belief that a 4 year old doesn't actually need school. I wish I could say I always remember that and never compare him to what other kids are doing, but that's a total lie. I am working on it though. I think I found a perfect balance between starting some basic skills and preschool overload. 

Here's what we are using for preschool:

Get Set For The Code - Books A, B, and C

Handwriting Without Tears - My First School Book

Pre-K Math Packs from various blogs

Lots of Art

Lots and lots and lots of reading!

Mother Goose Time Themes:

September - My Amazing Body
October - Weather All Around Us
November - Rainforest Adventure
December - Winter Wonderland
January - Dinosaur Dig
February - It's A Small World
March - Blast Off To Space
April - Ocean Commotion
May - Growing Gardens


Shannon (snapshotsbygidget instagram) said...

I did Mother Goose Time with my youngest (who's now a big 3rd grader). We enjoyed it we also did a christian based plan made by Carissa of 1+1+1=1 http://www.1plus1plus1equals1.com/RaisingRockStarsPreschoolSAMPLE.html