Phase Two: Packing Up & Leaving Town

After assessing the boxes in the garage and consulting with my calendar, I'm declaring today as the start of Phase Two of our big move.

many boxes have been added to this pile in the past week

In a week and a half, Andrew will fly in to do the heavy lifting and make the drive out West with me.  Although, I've suddenly lost all sentimental-ness and am having way to much fun selling all of our furniture. Who needs a couch or a table or beds?!  (remind me of this excitement when we get our own place and have to sit on the floor)

My Mom is coming to fly the kids out, saving all of our sanity.  30 hours in the car with Gabe just might do us in.  It will be a crazy, hectic, stressful couple of weeks.  I'm trying to get as organized as humanly possible to make it a smooth transition.  

Oh man, I'm getting hives just thinking about it.

With everything going on with Livi getting sick, I haven't been sure exactly what I was going to do about our fast approaching moving date.  After a lot of late night talks with Andrew, we are going to keep our plan in place and once we get settled, I will make plans to fly back to help where I can.  Once again, thank God for pass benefits.

gonna need to "pack" this when she's not home

Once we get to Arizona, we are going to be staying at my Mom's Arizona house for a couple of months while we find a house of our own.  I'm so extremely thankful that we have this option.  We tried doing virtual house tours via FaceTime, but I just cannot commit to something I haven't set foot in.  

This arrangement will also give us a chance to explore our new city with a house we are familiar with.  Time to just be together.  Oh man, I can't wait.

Our timeline is tight.

Josie is starting her hybrid school on the 7th (more details on that later).  Which will only give us a few days to get her set to start.   I'm holding off starting our school year until the middle of the month and planning a good sized break when we move into our actual house.  I think the mass amounts of field tripping we are going to be doing will more than suffice.

Andrew is so in love with his job.

He's already been promoted twice, which is beyond our wildest hopes for one month on the job.  Most of the things we thought we were giving up by moving to the franchise side of Waffle House, we still get.  It seriously is so much better than we thought it would be, and we thought it was going to be pretty great.

I'm glad he had these months to work nonstop without us there, but we are all ready to be together again.  I cannot wait to start our new adventure!

waiting in the car during our 1 millionth showing
So now I'm trying to figure out how on Earth I should pack.

Adding in the stop at my Mom's house makes it a bit tricky.  I need to fit the things we will need during that stay in my car and pack everything else for storage.  I'm pretty sure we will have access to the storage unit, but who wants to pack and unpack and pack again?  I think we will do the very bare minimum for those months.  

4 year old peeps did not make the cut

So here we go!

Look out Arizona, the Pope's are coming for you!


Danielle Huddleston said...

Congrats! Have fun on your new adventure!