We spent last week at the beach with Andrew's parents.

I decided that 4 and 7 are magical ages to take your kids to the beach.  For the first time in 7 years, I actually relaxed and really enjoyed our week there.  The kids played together and, hold your breath, I finished a book in just a few days!  It was a picture perfect vacation week.  Well, if you photoshopped Andrew in.

Not only was I surprised by how easy the week was, but I didn't realize how much I needed this trip.

I needed to get out of my house and the showings and the constant need to keep things neat and tidy.  I needed to quit thinking about whether or not it will sell and how and when and who.


I needed to step back and remember that the World is very big and the options are limitless.  That "not today" doesn't mean never.  That this dream we are chasing is really, really big and that achieving it makes all the annoying little steps between here and there worth it.

God's love for me is deep and wide and expands from horizon to horizon and He has got this.



Gidgets Bookshelf said...

Jimmy Cricket, that is one HUGE grasshopper!

Love all the pictures and that you could take a trip I know it was just what you needed. :) Love that your comfortable around the in laws and can spend time with them with out hubby. Although having hubby there would have made it 10 times better.

I read Hands Free Mama what did you think?

Have a great week back. Fingers crossed and prayers being said your house sells soon so you guys can start your new journey.

kimmer said...

I love each of these photos and I'm so happy that you had a reprieve from the house and keeping it spotless for showings! You all look so happy! Everything's going to work out well with the move, I just know it!

Sweet Tea said...

Just what the doctor ordered!