Documented - 5/4

Life This Week:

We are getting ready to sell the house and move across the country and Gabe is back in the hospital.

Need I say more?

look out Emma!  you might end up in a box on the way to Arizona!

We have been spending most of our free time cleaning out closets and drawers.  I think of myself as an organized person, but turns out that is only because I have big closets.  We have SO much stuff.  It's crazy.  We are downsizing significantly, which means we have got to purge a lot of stuff.  I'm enjoying the process, but it takes a lot of time (and trash bags).  Multiple trips to Good Will and the consignment store.

man of many talents

Andrew was on vacation until Thursday so we got to enjoy a lot of time with each other.  This vacation felt super long.  He came to Arizona, went on a guy's trip to Florida, and still had a few days at home.

three weeks til her big recital.  everyone is getting extra practice.

School This Week:

One month left people!  One month!

The past couple months haven't been very consistent, but after some serious planning, we will finish at the end of May.  This is the first year we are taking a real Summer break.  I had changed my mind about it, but since we will (hopefully) be moving in July, it just makes more sense to break.  She will be joining an enrichment school in Mesa at the start of August so June and July will be our main off time.

learning about frogs this week (find the observation book here)

Scratch that.  This was written before Gabe went into the hospital.  But we should still be done at the start of June.

we had to end our family game nights because Josie would lose her mind if she lost.  she has finally decided it's not the end of the world so we have resumed one of my favorite post dinner events.

Going & Seeing:

On Tuesday, I snuck away with my best girls to finish planning out our school year.  We spent a couple hours planning at Starbucks and then hit up Waffle House for a late dinner (yes, it's still light out.  Eating at 8 is late to me!).  It was so awesome.  I love these ladies.

While I was out with them, Andrew took the kids to climb Panola Mountain.

They had such a great time.  Love when they get to hang out together.

We also have been trying to fit in some Atlanta things before we move.  We hit the Atlanta Beltline this week.  The weather wasn't the best and Gabe wasn't feeling so great, so we didn't last long.  I'm excited for the bike trails in Scottsdale to be in our backyard.

Josie also had Farm Fusion.  Only one week left and the year will be over!  Crazy.

And in case you didn't hear, we spent the last part of the week in the hospital.

Gabe developed a nasty pleural effusion and his stats dropped fast.  You can read about it here, but basically he got a chest tube put in and dumped over a liter of fluid in just a couple hours.  We spent the weekend recovering in the hospital.

While we were at the hospital, Josie got to spend the weekend at the lake with her best friend Olivia.  She had a great time (pssss, post some pictures Amber!).

I'm hoping for a very uneventful week.


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Cristi said...

Thanks for the tip about the planners -- I ordered one last night and can't wait for it to get here. I was trying a different paper system this year, but it's not working quite as well as I hoped.

As for family game nights, our family has a rule that makes losing a little easier. The winner has to clean up the game afterwards. We've been known to having gloating losers around here. ;)