Early Saturday morning we boarded a plane to head back to Georgia.

It feels strange to come home knowing this won't be home for much longer.  Kind of like we are in the middle of two places.  Half of me overly ready to begin setting up shop in Arizona, half of me wanting to savor every day we have left here.  It's going to take some serious concentration to stay in the moment I'm in and not jump ahead.

Today we are avoiding our house while (maybe, please, please, please) potential buyers take a peek.  Tomorrow we resume school and all the other normal life stuff.

Here is a little photo dump from the trip.

See you really, really soon Arizona!


kimmer said...

Loved every minute!

Sweet Tea said...

Such fun!
Hope everything goes smoothly as you make the BIG move!

Sweet Tea said...

I mentioned you on my Blog today. Looking forward to the "first of the month" challenge tomorrow.