Let's just get this out of the way, Arizona is hot.

And contrary to what Andrew keeps insisting, dry heat is still heat.  I mean, I'm beyond thankful that we are leaving the humidity of Georgia behind, but when the thermometer hits triple digits I call that hot.  So let's all just agree that I'm going to be commenting on the heat all Summer.

It's only April and I'm already hesitant of going outside after 11 am.

But Andrew is only here for a few days before he heads back East for a guys trip so we have to hit the sights during the day.  That's how I ended up climbing Papagos under the scorching midday sun.

It was hot, but it was pretty.

Maybe someday I'll be a real hiker, but for this one I was required an afternoon in the pool and massive margaritas as my reward for not complaining.


Cristi said...

We are going to have to find you better hiking shoes if you're going to move to Arizona. :)

Seriously, it looks like a fun day. I'll have to come up and hike with you when it cools off this fall. If you get too hot this summer, you can always come down to Tucson -- I think we're a whole 10 degrees cooler most days.

Kaia said...

Maybe if you wore hiking shoes!! Great to see Gabe climbing with you!

Sweet Tea said...

You did that wearing THOSE shoes? LOL. You got some "tough feet", Girl! The kids look so happy. Gabe has had a remarkable recovery.

Traci Hutton said...

It's awesome to see Gabe hiking!