The Beltline

There have been a lot of heavy emotions over here.

Gabe's surgery has us a little on edge and Josie's getting nervous about her big adventure.  So when Andrew got a surprise day off last Sunday, we knew we needed a good family day.

The older I get, the more I'm learning that sunshine and a little exercise can fix a whole lot.  It was a gorgeous day so we loaded up the kid's bikes and headed out to check out the Atlanta Beltline.

The Beltline is awesome.  

It used to be the railroad tracks that ran the perimeter of Atlanta, but since they weren't being used, someone had the idea to pave them over and make a walking/biking trail.  There are parks popping up along the way and I think this is going to end up being an awesome place.

We weren't the only ones with this idea.  The trail was busy.  But it wasn't too crowded.  The kids had the best time and biked over 2 miles.

I can't wait to go back up!

The day was as close to perfect as it could have been.

The sunshine and fresh air did us all good.  And watching Gabe pedal his little heart out for over three hours was really, really good for our souls.  It's easy to get caught up in all this surgery prep.  It's scary and we feel awful that he has to do it at all, but beyond the Fontan is a little boy who loves to ride his bike.  

We are so lucky he is ours.


Butterfly Wishes Wonderland Dreams said...

that place does look awesome! Love all the pictures but the last one is just precious! :)

Lisa Boyle said...

Wow, what a blessing to have such a place nearby. The photos are just beautiful. Keeping your family in my prayers.

Sweet Tea said...

That type of day is very special when it comes at the end of a pretty rough winter. Good for all of you to "get out" a bit.

Tracy said...

Praying that everything goes smoothly for all of you.