Noah's Ark Conservatory

Two weeks ago, our state was hit with a freak ice storm that left us all cowered in front of the fire trying to stay warm.

But in true Georgia fashion, the next week temps soared from 30 to 70.

I don't mind a few days in front of a fire with my living room bright from all the white snow and ice outside, but I like 70 better.  I think the cold made the warm feel so much better.  Something like no rainbows without rain, right?

Thursday was our warmest day of the week so we ditched the lesson plans and called some friends for a field trip.

We live about 15 minutes from Noah's Ark Conservatory.

It's a really cool place that resembles a small zoo.  They take in abandoned and abused animals and are open to the public to visit for free (donations appreciated though).  They have chickens, rabbits, and deer just roaming around.  In the enclosed areas there are wolves, birds, monkeys, and a ton of other animals.  Theres even an area where a lion, tiger, and bear live together!  They moved in together as babies and are now best buddies!

We had a perfect day.  Great weather, good company, and we didn't lose a single one of the 14 children we had with us!


kimmer said...

Oh my goodness! Great photos!!! Especially the one of the girls flying down the slide AND the one of Gabe up at the top and center of the group shot! My favorites of our beautiful kiddos having fun! Made me smile ! Happy days are the best!!! And you are great at making those days happen! Love you!