I started to type that it has been a low key week but after recapping what all we did, it was pretty far from low key.

Besides scheduling Gabe's surgery, we had book club, ballet, a hot date, and my homeschool mom group.  Our evenings were pretty packed. Days were filled up with school and babies and all that other run of the mill stuff.  I don't have any funny stories or ramblings to share, but I do have some photos that need to be shown, which pretty much makes this a post for the Grandparents.

You're welcome.

Here's something I'm sure you didn't know, it was cold last week.

What?  The whole country was cold?  Well, I let my guys build a fire in my 6 year old, never been used fireplace.  That's how cold it was here.

I didn't complain about the cold much since I had nowhere I had to go so I could stay inside by above mentioned fire.  Plus my kids were amazed that their water table could become an ice table over night!  Who knew!?

* Heart Mom Fail Confession: I let Gabe play with ice for 15 minutes and when he came in his fingers were visibly purple.  When I pushed on them, they stayed white for way too long and he screamed in pain while they thawed out.  Please note: kids with awful circulation cannot play with ice.  Ever.

Josie is officially a Cookie Hustler.

I always hate asking for anyone to purchase anything.  Josie did not pick up on that trait.  She has no problem asking anyone and everyone to buy her cookies.  One week in and she is very, very close to her goal.

* Shameless Plug: If you want to support her, you can buy a box for the troops!  Send me your email address and I'll send you the link! ($3.50 a box)

I taught the kids how to play Skipbo and they are loving it.

We've been playing before bed.  I'm pretty excited that we are finally to an age where we can play card games.  Even Andrew has gotten in on the action.

Lalaloopsy Obsession is running high.

My library pile is humorous.

There's never any doubt that my librarian is hip to what I'm in to.  "I'll take all the books on chickens, gardens, and dirt quality please."

AND one more for the road.

* I totally bribed them with a prize from the Dollar Spot for this shot.  Worth it?  No question.


Phyllis said...

I love all your pictures. They really show the beauty of your life.

Ashley O'Brien said...
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Keshet said...

I would totally get cookies if only they shipped to NJ!

Christina Schergen said...

I like to call it rewarding not bribing...I am not above "rewarding" lol...anything for peace :)

The Swann's said...

Definitely not busy at all.... :-) Could you please share homeschool group info?! In one week we are moving to Hamtpon in with my Inlaws on their 10 acres (and maybe give reviews on homesteading books since we will be doing that too!) and I am trying to seek out like minded groups for us! Not weird to ask that, right? Haha!