My Favorite Gift

I was spoiled this Christmas.

Not only did I get some pretty awesome gifts, but I got to celebrate with my a big chunk of my family.  Andrew's entire family spent a couple of days together and then my Dad, Step Mom, Brother, and my baby nephew Ralphie came to our house for a whole weekend.  It was an awesome.

But my favorite gifts were the boxes with the wonky wrapping paper.

They were put there by the sweetest 6 year old with the biggest heart.  Her gifts were all handmade and showed that she obviously pays attention to what we say we'd like.

For Andrew and I, a new pillow set.

Complete with throw pillows (monogrammed with her name) and new pillows since ours are so lumpy.

And she made a telescope for Gabe.

Y'all, Gabe was so happy with this rolled up piece of paper I could hardly stand it.  He just couldn't believe Josie had made it for him.  My heart was a big ole puddle on the floor.

She's a keeper, that Josie Girl.  I am so proud watching her grow and learn ways to care for other people.


kimmer said...

She is so sweet and thoughtful...and she's only 6!!! What a doll with a big sweet heart she is!!! Oh how I love these kiddos!!!