Celebrating Four

I'm a recovering Birthday Party Over Planner.

And I'm giving myself a pat on the back, because the end product of Gabe's 4th birthday party is proof of how far I've come.  For this shindig, I sent out a Facebook invite, let Gabe pick out the decorations, and seriously walked in from the grocery store twenty minutes before his friends started showing up.  No planned games or activities.  Just 20 kids, their parents, and a lot of laughing.

Gabe had so much fun and I think all his little friends did too.

So here's the mismatched chaos that was Gabe's party!


Christina Schergen said...

I have the tendency to over-do parties too...! Just think how much money you saved! It turned out cute!

kimmer said...

Love the big smiles and I'm sure he Loved having his friends over to celebrate!!! He is the most beautiful 4-year old on earth!!! We love you Gabe!!!