Christmas 2013

I can't call myself a Mom Blogger if I don't assault you with pictures from our Christmas celebrations.

As always, Andrew works on Christmas so we had our family Christmas the Sunday before real Christmas.  We followed that up with two massive feasts at Andrew's Mom's house and wrapped it up with filling our house up with my brother and nephew in from Minnesota and my Dad and Step Mom up from Florida.  

This Christmas was especially fabulous.  Now, on with the photos!

Pope Family Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve EXCITEMENT!

Pope Family Christmas Morning:

this excited about SOCKS!  I could eat Gabe up.

 Real Christmas Eve At Nana's:

Real Christmas Day At Nana's:

Third Christmas with Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Aaron, and Ralphie!

psst: tomorrow is First Day!  First day of the year is an excellent time to join up!