TOS Review - If You Were Me

What Is It:

The "If You Were Me" series is a new line of books from Carole P. Roman and Away We Go Media that takes kids to different countries through a simple story.  These books focus on some basic parts of these cultures, including what they call school, words for mom and dad, what their money is called, and what they eat.  Each book also shares other interesting facts that are great jumping boards for further studies.

For this review we were sent four books; If You Were Me And Lived In Mexico, If You Were Me And Lived In South Korea, If You Were Me And Lived In Norway, and If You Were Me And Lived In France.

We were also sent two passports with stickers and an inflatable globe.

How We Used It:

I decided to use these as more then just a story and make it into a mini unit study.  I picked one book a week and we read it and did some kind of project to go with it.  I also had Josie write down each countries word for school, mom, dad, and what they called their money.

For each country we completed, they got a stamp in their passport.  I plan to keep using these passports as we learn about other countries throughout the year.

My Opinion:

I really loved these books.  I feel like they are age appropriate and had some great facts in them.  Josie really enjoyed learning the different words and seeing what the kids lives were like there.  While the books don't go into great detail about each country, they do teach the things that young kids are interested in when you discuss other cultures.

I think these are a great set for early elementary school.

Product Details:


If You Were Me And Lived In Mexico - $8.99
If You Were Me And Lived In South Korea - $8.99
If You Were Me And Lived In Norway - $8.99
If You Were Me And Lived In France - $8.99


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kimmer said...

These books look great! What fun to talk about other countries and their cultures and get a passport! Maybe we should just ALL move to France and check the facts!!!❌⭕️

Robin said...

One of the gals I went to college with did an awesome unit study that involved studying, in-depth, each country along the Equator. She wrapped all the subjects into that country for a week at a time. The kids used cardboard boxes and brown paper grocery sacks to decorate a "suitcase" upon which a sticker from each country (printed online) was put once they "traveled" there. It was unbelievable.

Carole P. Roman said...

Thank you for the lovely review. I hope Josie enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed writing them! I love the way you used them to introduce more complex concepts for your child.