After a couple months of crazy work hours for Andrew, which equated to a couple months of single parenting for me, we've spent the last seven days together.

Ah, vacation.

No meetings, no crazy call ins, no late nights stuck at The Waffle.

After tossing around some semi-local getaways, we decided to stay home for this one.  Well, sleep at home is more accurate since we still packed out most of the days.  We wrapped up a few house projects and Andrew spent a chunk of time getting the HVAC in up at The Farmhouse.  We are on the final countdown for the move in date up there and we are getting excited!

Josie has been saving up for a little over a month for a trip to Build A Bear.

We got some comments from friends about how long it was taking and that we should just take her, but after seeing how proud she was to finally have enough, I am glad we encouraged her to keep saving.  It was a really fun night, but the best was knowing that she's learning a pretty big life lesson.  One I wish Andrew and I had learned a little sooner.

Of course there was trick or treating.

I remember Halloween being a one day event.  Somewhere over the last 20 years it's turned into a week long festival of candy.  Josie and Gabe loved every second of it.  We spent the actual 31st in Atlanta going door to door in our favorite neighborhood.  Trick or treating is a perfect way to get an inside peek at the houses that I drool over.

The highlight of the week was a kid free weekend.

We love these midgets something fierce, but getting to do whatever we felt like whenever we felt like doing it was pretty awesome too.  We went to an 80's party Friday night and then spent Saturday and Sunday eating so, so much food.  We lounged and went to a movie really late at night.  It was super fun.

And the kids didn't miss us a wink.  Josie stayed with her best friend Brooklyn and Gabe melded right in with Kelsey's brood of boys.  They came back Sunday night happy and tired.

Speaking of tired, why do the kids only sleep in when Andrew's home?  I swear when he's gone they are up by 7.  This whole week neither of them were up before 9.

Andrew's back at work today and I'll give you one guess what time they paraded down the stairs.

So vacation is over.

Andrew's work will be a bit intense from now until the New Year so I'm glad for this little staycation.

Also, Gabe's heart cath has been set for December 6th. 

Exactly one month from today.  That's 30 days to cover my sweet boy in serious prayer.  I'm not 100% sure what I'm praying for other then the doctors to make the most clear decisions in Gabe's best interest and for a peace that surpasses understanding to fall on our house.

Thank you for loving Gabe.


Kaia said...

I will be praying the same Gabe and all of you!

kimmer said...

I love reading about your busy week with Halloween and all the fun things going on. It looks lie it was a very good week while Andrew was on 'staycation!'
But most importantly...I agree with you 100% in that we need to be praying and knowing that the doctors will make all the right decisions on Gabes behalf! We love him so very much!!!

Tracy said...

I'm sending up prayers for your sweet Gabe!