Documented - 9/7

Life This Week:

Goodbye Lazy Days of Summer.

Hello school, choir, ballet, awanas, co-op.  Ain't gonna lie, I kind of missed all the action.  I like my days full and my calendar packed.  I'm playing the part of Taxi Driver Teacher in this season's production of Pope Academy and pinning for an Oscar.

And because I am always up for a little extra challenge, meet sweet Emma.

After two weeks, I'm proclaiming her the perfect baby.  She is so easy going and her nap schedule has fit right in with when we do school which makes her even more of a dream baby.  She's going to be spending weekdays with us.  Her job is to entertain Gabe, teach Josie home ec skills, and starve off any outbreaks of Baby Fever.  So far, so good.

On top of all that excitement, our well pipe busted and we spent the majority of the week without water.  Let me tell ya, I have a new appreciation for the sound of toilets flushing.

School This Week:

We started school this week!

I've had our lessons planned out for over a month so I was itching to start.  Josie and Gabe both did awesome.  Between church choir, ballet, Farm Fusion, AWANAS, and babysitting, the week flew by.  This season of life is going to be busy, but it is all such fun stuff that I really don't mind.

Josie is working towards a big reward when she reads 100 books and has been flying through them.  It's fun to see her go from blending simple words to being able to read some pretty hard words.

Bonus, she can read to Gabe before naps killing two birds with one stone.

We get some interesting bug out here!  Totally counts as a science course.

Going & Seeing:

Like I said, we did a whole lot of going this past week.  My Hybrid will be earning it's keep this semester.  All activities other than Ballet and AWANAS end towards the middle of November so we will become homebodies again then.


For Josie.

Over the Summer, she has become such a delightful little person.  She is always willing to help me out around the house and is stock full of creativity.  It's been really fun for me to watch her mature.   I was never really sure how I'd be parenting an older kid, but she is making it pretty easy on me.  We have been making some great memories lately.

Like last week, after we finished reading Mr. Popper's Penguins, we had a special Girls Only Movie Night.  We did beauty masks, ate chocolate, and watched the movie after Gabe went to bed.  It was a really fun night and one of those memories I will stock away for later in life.

She's a great kid.


The Mrs. said...

Love the picture of the katydid and he one of your cute kiddos outside! We read Mr. Popper's Penguins last year. Super cute book!