This super mini unit was inspired by Gabe's frog egg find last month.

We scooped up some eggs and watched them hatch into tadpoles.  We are still waiting on them to turn into froglets.  I read it can take up to 9 weeks.  They are growing, but our container might be too small for them to actually turn into frogs.

I tried to just let this be a simple observation activity, but y'all, I just could not let it be.  There's a life cycle to learn about and by golly, I'm not letting the potential of this learning experience to pass them by.

Does one ever feel more like a Homeschool Mom then when you eat dinner with tadpoles as your centerpiece?  Man, I love this gig.

I used this frog observation booklet to record the process (same blog that we used for the butterfly observation).

We read these books:

They were all good, but all three of us really liked Little Tad Grows Up.  It was super cute and followed the frog life cycle.

Then we made puppets and got tatted up.


Nicole said...

We used that same booklet and read some of the same books. It was a fun unit!! :)

Kelsey Nichols said...

We read Little Tad Grows Up over the summer and it was the boys' favorite too :)