First Hand

Josie has spent the last few weeks learning about landforms.

We've studied mountains, volcanos, canyons, rivers, and oceans.  There have been nature books depicting amazing rock formations spread across our school table and youtube videos of glaciers and plains and the world's largest waterfalls.

The books and videos have been great, but I just didn't think she was getting the greatness of it.  Something was lost in the pages.  What about the sounds?  The smells?

I mentioned it in passing to Andrew and the next thing I knew, we were loading up the car and headed up to North Georgia for some first hand experiences with landforms.

We took the kids to our old favorite place to cliff jump.

Note: the thought of cliff jumping now gives me hives.  having kids has made us both a bit more cautious.

Even though we passed on jumping to our demise, we didn't skip on the amazing waterfalls.

The sounds were so great.

There is a natural waterside in the waterfall below, but all the rain we've been having has made the river super fast.  Even the invincible teenagers weren't attempting to slide down.

We did get to do a little rock climbing and the kids played in the freezing water until Gabe's lips turned blue.

Andrew, such a trooper.


kimmer said...

Looks like this was an awesome day! What a beautiful place! I'm happy to see that Andrews strong arms were holding on tight to Josie and Gabe!

Christa said...

yes ~ 3! black widows!!