The weather here in Georgia is being, well, it's being Georgia Weather.

Acting temperamental.  Flopping between 80 and 45, rain and scorching sun, all in the span of 7 days.  It's one of those things that makes me giggle.  It happens every single year, yet we all act shocked and angry when it happens.

It's Spring folks, and it's doing it's thing.

hanging at the house: jean jacket - gap; tan t - target; black maxi skirt - target

date with my dude: cream top - target; black tank - target; jeans - gap; heels - consigned

confession: didn't get dressed until literally seconds before andrew got home...at 4pm

entire shebang: target

we drove to the beach this day.  i won't assault you with the awful outfit i wore, but need to show off my early mother's day gift from josie.  love my necklace!

roadtrip to the beach: leggings - target; commitment day t - lifetime fitness

beach day: dress - old navy; necklace - josie original

day trip to charleston: tanks & coral shorts - target; necklace - josie original

mothers day: dress - old navy; jean jacket - gap; necklaces - josie originals


Rebecca Stanley said...

you are adorable :-)

kimmer said...

You look so beautiful in every picture! I especially love the Josie Original Necklace...!!! What a treasure!

Brianna Bell said...

gotta love the josie originals!

Baby Meg said...

I am always rocking the jean jacket as well!