Documented - 5/31

Tomorrow is First Day!

Snap some pictures and link up here.  Read more about it here.

Life This Week:

I'm sitting on the back porch while the kids play a two man game of kickball in the yard.  It's pretty much just Josie kicking the ball as hard as she can and Gabe playing the part of retriever.  There's a perfect breeze today and the garden is totally weed free, so life this week is good.

Last week was long, waiting for the results of Gabe's heart test.

We got good news on Tuesday, that he will still need a pace maker, but not anytime soon.  I had a strange reaction to it.  Deep gratitude that he is doing well, but I think I had held the stress of the "what if's" at bay and, after hearing that it's not something to think about yet, I let the worry crash over me.  We met up with friends that afternoon and I thanked my lucky stars a billion times for Gabe's continued health, but I was just off all day.

Country Living Perk: pants are optional on walks

I was able to shake it by Wednesday morning and we ended up having a great end of the week.  We stayed home and just enjoyed each other.

School This Week:

I decided to have Josie take her kindergarten assessment last Friday.  She passed with flying colors, so we went ahead and called kindergarten a wrap.  We held her graduation at Sonic.  She is pretty pumped about being an official first grader now.

Which is good since we aren't taking a real summer break.  We had a nice long weekend and hit the pool with friends a few times in the past week before picking school back up.  I'm keeping it light for now, working on some writing and reading along with some very cool science projects.

Going & Seeing:

We had a really fun week!  Most of Josie's little buddies are in their last week of school, but we started summer early with her homeschooled friends.  We spent Monday morning at the park and Monday night swimming with Olivia and her entire family.  We swam another day with the Nichols Kids before starting school back up on Wednesday.

Josie has the Spring 2014 Mustard Pie photoshoot this weekend.  They also added a little boy line and asked Gabe to come out too.  We head to North Georgia tomorrow for the shoot.  It will be a long, but fun, weekend.