Documented - 5/10

Life This Week

We've been having an excellent string of days around here.  Even with the rainy, cold weather that was wearing out it's welcome.  I'm more than a little happy that the sun came back with a vengeance on Wednesday and we were able to stock up on Vitamin D.  

Scooters are the hot item at the moment.  Well, really anything with wheels.  I pull out my camping chair (that's never actually seen a campsite) and alternate between timing the endless races across the pad and reading my book.  I love it.  So much that, on the nights the weather cooperated, we pulled out a few more chairs and ate dinner on the driveway too.  

Gabe is still learning that it's in his best interest to stop scooting when the person in front of you stops scooting.  The child is determined to ruin his pretty face.

I've been choosing to stay around the house more instead of constantly being on the go and it's really changed the feel of our house.  I'm not rushing to get places on time which lowers my stress level a ton.  I've also given up on trying to keep the house totally clean all day.  Now I clean up our morning messes after school and our afternoon messes after dinner.  The house is tidy enough when Andrew gets home (not that he cares!) and before bed and I've decided that's good enough for me.  

We've hit a nice routine that is working great.  I get up early and get some work done, when the kids get up they eat breakfast and watch a show on TV while I finish up work.  Then we head outside for an hour of fresh air before heading up for school.  Josie has been super on task lately so we can usually wrap up all her lessons in a couple of hours max.  Then they eat lunch while I clean the kitchen and do a few chores before naps.  After naps, it's snack and outside until Andrew gets home.

And because I'm not rushing around like a wild woman anymore, I have time to serve snack on a silver platter with a spot of tea just for fun.

School This Week

Now that Josie can read pretty well, school goes pretty fast.

All year I've been planning to take our first real Summer Break this year, but the closer we get to it the more I'm leaning towards not taking one.  We are on track to finish her reading program by the middle of June and I think that we will stop formal book work then.  I have a few really fun unit studies bouncing around my head that I think we will do in July and August before diving into 1st grade in September.

I guess schooling has become such a big part of life for us that there's no real reason to stop.  Playdates will take priority, but the days we are just at home we might as well stretch our brains!

For science class we are raising butterflies and it has been the coolest thing to watch!  We got our caterpillars on May 1st and just this week they started the process of changing into butterflies.  After many failed attempts to grow tadpoles and butterflies, it's super cool to have a set actually working!

Going & Seeing

We haven't been going much at all lately.  Josie had a play date last week and we are still going to ballet and AWANAS.  They end for the Summer in a couple weeks.  She has loved both, but I'm looking forward to nights with nowhere we have to go.

We did take another quick beach trip this week.  Andrew has been working long hours and decided he wanted to go do something special on his days off.  We found a great deal on an amazing hotel in Myrtle Beach so we packed up Wednesday afternoon and hit the road.  We are driving back today, full of sand and tan lines.

What I'm Reading

I've been keeping up with my 3 books a month goal!  Patting myself on the back since I've never kept it going this far into the year.  I've been really interested in food and health books lately.  This is the one I'm currently reading.  So far it's really interesting and a fun story.  I haven't tried to feed the kids beet salad yet though.  I'll let you know how that one goes!