TOS Review - ABeCeDarian

What is it?

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ABeCeDarian Company is a company that produces reading instruction for kids ages 5 and up.  This reading program uses a multi sensory decoding approach and addresses the key areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency.  Students use workbooks, easy readers, and fables to practice all the skills they need to be efficient readers.

We were sent Level A1, Level A2, and Level B instruction books and student workbooks along with a set of 10 easy readers and Aesop's Fables.

How we used it:

This review came at the perfect time for us.  Josie is just about to finish up her current reading program and I've been wondering what direction to go next.  She is reading very well but I don't feel like she's quite ready to be done with basic instruction.  The program we are about to finish is meant to go until 2nd grade so I was having a hard time finding something that wasn't too easy for her.

ABeCeDarian offers multiple levels of instruction.  I was able to go to their site and see samples of each level to determine where Josie needed to start.  After having her take the free assessment on the website, we went with Level B which is meant for children reading at a 1st to 2nd grade level.  This level covers a lot of the things that have been a bit confusing (for Josie and me) in our current program, such as how one sound can be spelled a multitude of ways.  I knew we could use more practice at this level so we went with it and I'm so glad we did.

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We've used this as our daily reading curriculum for the past 5 weeks.

After the first day I knew this was going to be great for us.  The workbook is well made and the directions were very clear.  The teacher's manual is scripted which makes teaching very easy.  These tricky spelling rules and multiple ways of spelling the same sound have been really hard for me to teach.  I loved having the right words to explain it right in the manual.

The material is taught using a series of activities.  Each unit has a new set of words and focuses on one sound and it's multiple spellings.  Josie started each lesson by sorting the words onto a chart based on the spelling.  From there we moved on to reading the words, reading sentences, and reading chains.

The reading chains were very neat.  These are a list of words where each word changes one sound.  Josie had to pay very close attention to each word to read it correctly.

The lessons were short enough that she didn't get bogged down, but through enough for her to really grasp the material.  I loved that each new lesson included a few words from the previous lesson to be sure the child is retaining information.  There are also worksheets online that you can download if your student needs more work in a certain area.

Level A had a ton of handwriting work in it too.  Level B does have some copywork, but not as much instruction as Level A.  I did appreciate that they worked some handwriting into the lessons.

Not everyone will care about this, but this is also a very travel friendly program.  We are currently on vacation and this was very easy to pack so that we could continue our reading lessons while we are here.  The program is divided into separate workbooks so I only had to bring the books we are on.  They aren't heavy and are sturdy enough that I didn't worry about them getting banged up.

* Our readers and the fables were lost by our postal service.  The company has been wonderful about making sure we get those books which was nice.  I can't wait to get them and start using them with Josie.  They are written to advance with her at each level making sure she won't get discouraged but is also challenged by each reading.  

My opinion:

This program included spelling, phonics, copywork, and reading in every unit making it a very complete reading program.

I love it.

In fact, I love it so much I can't wait to start Gabe on book A1 in a couple years.  It is child and teacher friendly and a great price.  Josie is enjoying it too!

Product Details:

Company Website: www.abcdrp.com

Teacher Manual A1 - $28.50
Student Workbook A1 - $12.25
Teacher Manual A2 - $28.50
Student Workbook A2 - $12.25
Set of 10 Storybooks - $21.50
Teacher Manual B1 - $25.50
Student Workbook B1 - $10.25
ABeCeDarian Aesop - $2.50

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