It's hot and every surface of my house is covered in a layer of yellow pollen.

My eyes are hazy, my nose is stuffy, and dispite regular scrubbing, my feet haven't been clean all week.

It's Spring.

And for me, spring means kids in the sprinkler and dirt under my nails.

Josie and I sat down last week and planned out what we wanted to plant in the garden this year.  We went over last years notes; exnay on the cucumbers (we had 800 billion last Summer and most were wasted), amp up the peppers.  She made garden markers and a list of what we needed and we headed to the nursery to pick out our plants.

Last year's garden was our best yet.

We ate from it all Summer and I kept up with watering and weeding.  We had some bug issues, but for a totally organic garden, I was pleased with how little I had to fight my six legged enemy.  My goal for this years garden is to put more thought into where I plant things so that the garden is prettier and to try a few new things.  I'd also like to do a second round of planting later in the Summer to get a little more out of it.

Maybe this will be the year we even continue it with a Fall garden.

But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves.

We planted lots of green peppers (our favorites), two kinds of tomatoes, green beans, sugar peas, 3 blueberry bushes, zucchini, and watermelon.

Ignore the pool filter.  Hoping my tomatoes grow tall enough to block it until we buy a fence to go around it.

I spy the first pepper!

 The blueberry bush looks like it's going to give us a ton this year!

And a little herb garden on the patio table.

Josie decided she wanted to have a flower garden so we picked a section of the garden to be all hers.  

So far, nothing has sprouted but she's proud and takes her plants very seriously.  Singing to them daily per her Papa Moose's instructions.

I love my garden.

Which is kind of funny since I avoided helping my mom with her's at all costs.  Now it's my happy place.  I love weeding and watering and watching life spring up and create real food!  I think the whole process is pretty amazing.


Brianna Bell said...

wow this is so inspiring! I wish I could do this but we live in a basement apartment. I'm thinking of doing an herb garden this year though....we have a little front porch area we could put it on...and buying fresh herbs at the grocery store costs a fortune!

kimmer said...

I LOVE it that she remembers Papa Moose telling her to always sing to her plants to help them grow...sweetest memory! I can see him smiling down on her now. So proud! So maybe all my gardening rubbed off on you after all! There is so much happiness out there in the garden!