DIY Garden Markers

Our garden is planted and, one week in, we haven't killed it.

Like most other things in my life, I want the garden to be functional but I also want it to be pretty.  So I set out to find some garden markers.  And found out pretty fast that they aren't cheap.

And I like cheap.

So I called 2008 Me and asked her for a crafty DIY idea.

I came up with canning lids, paint, bamboo skewers, and a sharpie.  Put my two workers to work and ended up with some pretty darn cute garden markers.

The kids worked hard, got along, and were genuinely happy for the duration of this art project.  It was almost enough to make me want to pick up crafting again.


My pretty silver marker doesn't show up enough.  Planning to cover it with a regular black sharpie.


Phyllis said...

Those are so sweet.

amym said...

LOve them! will the paint come off with rain? or did you seal them?

kimmer said...

Super cute!!! What a fun idea and got the kids so involved in the garden! Now why didn't I think of that years ago? You have such great ideas!

Nicole said...

These are cute! I think I might use the whole tin can for our markers. Better start saving them!!