Berry Picking

It's Berry Season here in Georgia.

So, in keeping with our yearly tradition, Amber and I loaded up three un-napped children and hit the 82 degree strawberry patch.

In my mind, this is a fun field trip.

We hit the patch and fill our buckets with juicy red berries.  There are smiles and laughs and ice cream rewards.

In reality, I spend the entire time in the patch begging Gabe to stop picking the green berries and praying Josie hurries up and fills the bucket so I can get back in my air conditioned car.

But the pictures tell a prettier story so I'll let them do the talking.

Hey kids, thanks for the awesome group shot.  Love ya!

 One part of my field trip vision was accurate.

There was an ice cream reward.

And we got to hear a real donkey make it's donkey noise, so I suppose you can go ahead and put us down on the books for another trip next year.


Brianne said...

Thanks for keeping it real!! Sometimes are expectations are so different from reality! You can never go wrong with ice cream though!

rockinabbs29 said...

Hi! Just found your blog and have been reading through it. I was adopted as a baby so I love all things adoption-related. You have some beautiful children! :)