Two weeks before we went to Minnesota, Josie told my mom that is was "so, so cold" in Georgia.

It was 48 degrees out.

I couldn't wait to plop her down in a real Winter Wonderland where she'd need snow pants and boots and hot chocolate in excess amounts.  The last time we went up in the dead of Winter Gabe was with us and he hated the cold so we didn't get out much.  Alright, I hate the cold too.  But this time I was determined to give my girl some white washed memories this year.

To prep her for the cold, we added some chilly fun to school the week before we left.

My aunt sent us this Snow On The Go.  Saying the kids loved it would be the biggest understatement of my life.  In fact, it's still taking up two of my best tupperware bowls since they refuse to let me toss the snow out.  It wasn't sticky, but that didn't seem to matter.  Polly Pocket had a wonderful time.


Word To The Wise: Three year olds and fake snow do not mix without a mass overflow situation.

We did an experiment to see if all liquids freeze the same.

Ice Unit Homeschooing

Josie made it very clear that she was not interested in ice skating on our trip, but her little friends were up for the challenge.

I froze the ladies legs in ice and made the kids each an ice skating rink in a pyrex dish.  I had high hopes for hours of entertainment from this one, especially after seeing what a hit the fake snow was, but it was a flop.  They played for 15 minutes then had a competition to see who could make a bigger mess breaking the ice.


We made a 3D art project.

Homeschool Art

Our last project was to do an experiment on deicing roads.

We talked about how icy the roads get in Minnesota and how slippery that make it.  We tested driving the cars on pure ice then guessed what would happen if we added sand to the ice.  After that experiment we tried putting salt on the ice to see what would happen.  I had no clue there was a different reaction between sand and salt so this one was interesting for me too.



Icy Roads Experiment, Homeschool

Then we jumped on a plane and headed North to get frozen for real!

*I should be embarrassed but all these pictures were taken on different days even though my kids are, ahem, in the same clothes in most of them!


Danielle Huddleston said...

The boys love that grow snow stuff also! We were just in MN last month visiting in-laws. I plan going up in the winter on purpose! I love the snow! Looks like a lot of fun! You guys do so many fun projects!