Technology Bugs Me

I'm addicted to technology.

I don't know when it happened, but I became one of those people sitting at Starbucks with my laptop open, iPad linked up to Pinterest, checking my phone for the latest instagram updates.

Texting at the checkout counter, reading my kindle at ballet.

Talk to the actual people in the room with me?  Nah.

I've known about my codependency issue for awhile and am trying to tone it down, but this picture sent me over the edge:

Not my adorable family, but the three photo bombers.

All of them ON THIER PHONES!

At the beach!

Seriously.  It was an amazing January day.  The sun was warm, the sand so clean, and the waves were making that crashing sound that just takes you in.

And those three dweebs were missing it.

I'm sure they weren't on their phones the whole time.  But this picture did remind me that real life is way better then what's happening on any screen.

It has inspired me to keep my technology addiction in it's place.  It's a work in progress, but when I feel the uncontrollable urge to just check Facebook one more time I'll think of that guy with his shirt tucked casually in his swim trunks and just say no.

I'd rather see the waves.


Anonymous said...

Hey thats me in the background!!! Just kidding..hahahaha! I cant believe some people, I think its so sad to be on the phone when you could be enjoying that beautiful beach. People dont know how to talk to each other anymore. Its really sad.

Nicole said...

When Eli was still in public school last year, I went to the end-of-the-year awards ceremony. I was appalled at all of the parents with their noses in their phones checking facebook the whole time. There was one mom whose daughter only received the reading certificate at the end of the ceremony. And the mom missed it because her nose was in her phone. I was so mad I wanted to walk over there and KNOCK her phone into the floor, and then hit her with it. I watched her daughter looking at her mom (like all kids do), smiling and waving, and the mom didn't even see her. So disappointing!

When we go out to eat I will see men and women, some married, some not, eating dinner together, not talking at all because both of their noses are in their phones the whole time.

I do not have a smart phone. My husband is always wanting me to get one. But I refuse. When I am out and about I need to be unplugged from my computer, blog, e-mail, etc. I don't have a FB account, or twitter, or instagram ... nothing. My phone calls and texts. It's not because those things aren't cool. It's just because I see the rest of the world obsessed with it and it make me angry.

Sorry for the rant! :)

BumbersBumblings said...

Geez--yeah, I think we all would do well to go easy on technology--me definitely included!!

Cunz Family said...

I too have a problem checking my phone every 5 minutes. Which is one of the reasons I'm ok with my 3 yr old blackberry....because if I got even a fancier phone, I'd have apps that actually work to distract me further. I've been better about putting it on "phone calls only" mode so I don't hear every FB or email or text notification and jump to see who it was.m it actually made me realize that no one actually calls me...everyone just texts! I refuse to take my phone out at daycare or at Tommy's school. I put it on silent and keep it in my purse, same when I'm out to eat. I've actually tried to keep my phone in my bedroom when we're all downstairs to keep me from looking at it. I have to learn that Facebook can wait :). It's hard but I'm trying to not be so dependent on my phone!

Little for a Little While said...

ugh! I struggle with this too! It's become such a habit that I dont even realize it sometimes! I'm trying to lessen my screen time these days too, at least when i'm with my kids!

Darcy said...

This post is fantastic. All around. xo