I've been tottering between a lot of crazy emotions lately.

Good news has been abundant, but it has been peppered with some yucky stuff.  And when the yucky is really yucky, the good has a hard time keeping up.

At the end of December my dad, my brother, and Gabe were all pretty sick at the same time and it left me feeling stacked against impossible odds.  I wanted to be in all three places which obviously wasn't an option.

Miles feel farther when people you love are hurting.

If you were here last year you know my amazingly healthy brother had a seizure last November that led to us finding out he had a brain tumor.  It was cancer, it was removed, and he had radiation and chemo.  He has done better then any of us ever could have imagined.

Last month, 14 months after his seizure, a routine MRI showed that there was a new growth in the same spot his tumor was.

The day after Christmas he had a second brain surgery.

Last year I couldn't be there to support my family during his surgery and it was really hard for me.  I know I couldn't have done anything but sit in a chair and hold hands and distribute klenex, but sometimes that's exactly what's needed.

I couldn't be there for this surgery either, but I did get to fly up the next day.

Aaron is doing awesome.

The surgery went great and they feel that they got all of the tumor.  The dude was home 48 hours later and making us all laugh like nothing had happened.  He's awesome like that.

I was so glad I was able to be there, but the real reason I was there was for Nora's surprise birthday party.

Maybe it's the crazy year they have had, or maybe it's the insane amount of love floating around them, but everything these two do is ridiculously awesome.

And Aaron delivered.

He rented out this old theatre and surprised the mess out of her.  It was awesome to feel all the love and support in the theatre.  Especially after such an intense week.  We watched Dumb and Dumber on the big screen and stuffed our faces.  It was perfect.

Then I got to spend the next 36 hours refilling my Minnesota Love Tank.

And remembering that Atlanta December is much friendlier then Minnesota December.

I used to feel like I was being ungrateful for the life I have if I missed Minnesota.

I'm starting to see that having Home be multiple places is OK.  So my family stretches the span of the entire country.  That's just life.  And I can feel sad about it or I can get my frequent flier miles and put my Hybrid to the test and go see them.

I'm choosing the later.

Hoping First Grade is travel friendly.  I see Josie doing quite a bit of schooling on the road this year.

(Nora is seriously going to deliver her baby in three weeks.  Cutest pregnant lady ever.)


Nicole said...

There cannot possibly be a baby in that tummy of Nora's! So glad you got to spend time with family in Minnesota. Those times are special!

Kelsey said...

My brother lives in Florida and I hate it!! I'm praying this year finds me there more often!

Amber said...

You go girl...literally!!! Watching you struggle with these emotions over the past few years, I'm happy to see you finally coming to some peace with them. I still cannot imagine how hard it is to leave family. I would love to see you go whenever you get a chance. Just plan to be at GA home end of July and August. We may or may not have given a few of the waffle mugs as Christmas gifts also! : )

The Henrys said...

I know just how you feel! My family is spread out right now and we struggle with it. We have contemplated moving so many times but live right where we need to and just have to make more of an effort to see everyone when we can.

The Nyquists said...

Ok, being 31 weeks with number 3 and looking like I swallowed ATLEAST 3 watermelons...I have to admit I am envious Miss Nora. She looks fabulous!!!!

Cristi said...

Looks like you had a great trip! As for travel-friendly first grade -- go for it! My kids spent most of their 2nd and 5th grade years on the road. They'd spend a few weeks in Georgia, a few weeks in Arkansas, then maybe a few weeks at home in Virginia, and kept swapping around for months. They're no worse for the wear, and I'm thankful that we had the homeschooling freedom to do it that way.