Book Worm

Just when I thought that we were in the clear, Josie got hit with the Killer Cold circulating through our house.

Turns out she is more in line with how Andrew and Gabe handle a cold then how I do.  Lots of over dramatized coughing and "I can't breathe through my nose"'s.  Both conditions that seem to magically appear at bedtime and five minutes before the bell rings at Pope Academy.

A little too convenient?

Yea, I thought so too.

But I'm a strict school marm so the bell still rings.

Or, more like we took too much time off when Gabe and I weren't feeling well and are getting a bit behind.  I figure she can hold a pencil in one hand and a tissue in the other, no?

We've hit a nice stride with school where Josie and I are both enjoying it.  She has gotten the hang of the routine and I am feeling confident enough to add in a couple more subjects each day to make it possible to maybe, somehow finish each curriculum in time to take an actual summer break.

We just started our unit on clouds and are having a lot of fun with it.  

There are a million and one projects you can do with cotton balls and water!  Cheap and hands on.  Right up our alley.

So life is good.  

Rolling right along.  We are busy, but not so busy that I feel like I'm spinning.  Just a nice, steady busy. We have a few fun trips coming up that we are all excited about.  Florida, Minnesota, and Arizona are all on the agenda for the next few months.

Andrew and I have a hot date tonight too.

Hot as in, hoping to go to a movie and still get the kids to bed at a decent time.  We are a wild couple.

It's going to be over 70 degrees here this weekend!

I say it every year, but Georgia is crazy.

I'm half excited to be headed to the park tomorrow and half sad that Winter seems to have skipped us again.  Hoping it doesn't decide to freeze in February.  My green thumb is itchy and I want to be out in the garden and not with gloves on.

Um, did I share that my bestie (I so, so, so hate that word, but what do I call her?!?!) is pregnant!?!

Which is pretty much like me being pregnant since I'll be eating excessive amounts of ice cream and yelling at random strangers right along with her.  Not to mention I cried at an Instagram picture of a doll she posted.  It wasn't even an emotional picture, so I'm chalking it up to sympathy hormones.

That's a real thing, right?

Time to ring the school bell.



Sarah said...

Oh I LOVE her in those glasses!

I'm the same way with my sick kids...and husband. Last week I was sick for 3 days before anyone noticed and I still never complained ;).

We are hopefully getting back to school next week...