Gingerbread School

We took a week off of school for Thanksgiving and Josie's crazy Nutcracker schedule.  

Then life got crazy, we had Khyla here for a week, and school just did not happen.  We tried one day and it was so miserable I just called it quits in the middle of a reading lesson and we packed it in.

Last Wednesday I did a major, and I mean really major, purge of our school room/play room and then spent an amazing 3 hours at Starbucks doing some lesson and life planning.  After that, I was ready to dive back in.

We had an awesome week.  

We all thrive off of a schedule and Josie was revved up and ready to be on task.  She is really reading well now and kicking her math lessons like a boss.  The only subject she really doesn't enjoy is writing, which hurts my heart!

Our theme this week was Gingerbread Men.  Here's a peek at what we did for theme work.

We kicked it off with our annual Gingerbread House Party.

Gingerbread Man Sight Word Game from Extra Special Learning

Gingerbread Man Play-doh

Gingerbread Man Science (this was SO fun!)

Gingerbread Baby and writing project

Josie is using curriculum for all of her main subjects.  These posts show our extra theme work.


Sarah said...

You always have so many amazing ideas!

I agree...sometimes when school is hard, it's better to pack it up and do something else. :)

The Henrys said...

Such cute ideas! You actually inspired me to have a cookie decorating party for my older daughter's friends, so thank you!